My name is Jess and I am going into my fourth year at Brock University. My major is Biology and I love everything about it. Yes, I can sometimes be a little bit of a science geek but that’s who I am. Since I don’t get to have very many electives I thought this course would be a good one to take as it is completely different from everything else I study. I am a first time blogger so it may take me a bit to get used to the hang of things but I am excited to see what the media benefits this course has to offer. Although my passion is biology I decided to choose obesity for my topic of interest, specifically obesity in children, as it seems to be an increasing topic in the media.

The majority of children these days seem to be more obese compared to when I was a young child and I think it is a very important topic to discuss and something we need to find a solution for. For the last several decades it has been said that children live to be older than the previous generation but it has been suggested that the children of this generation will not live as long as their parents did. There are many factors that can be contributed to this and it is not just one single thing that can be changed to reverse this. When I was a young child we were always outside playing in the yard or the park and didn’t come in until the street lights came on at night, which was our curfew. There was very little time for watching TV or playing video games or surfing the net because we didn’t have the advanced technology that is around today so we didn’t really have a choice. But things are different these days. You see ten year olds walking around with cell phones, who are addicted to playing their video game and on social media networks or sitting on the couch all day watching television. The parks seem to be a little less empty than I remember them as a kid. Not only has the technology increased but so has the way we eat. Food isn’t as natural anymore and the food that is natural is either too expensive or too hard to find. These are just some of the things that are contributed to the increasing problem of child obesity and I’m excited to discuss more in future posts!

Have a good one!

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