Summation of No More Privacy (Module 2)

From reading the posts and comments this week it seems like there are others who share my opinions about social media. We are all concerned about privacy and take a second thought before posting comments or pictures. There are certain social networks that are used for different things and have more privacy than others but there still seems to be some people that tend to use them appropriately.  Looking back at my original post I realized that I was somewhat negative and naive towards social media in general, thinking that there was more cons than pros but after reading other posts I have changed my opinion slightly. I come from a small town that I visit frequently during the school year and none of my friends went too far from home to go to school and I see them often so I have never really had to rely on social media to keep in contact with them as some people might have to.  Because of that I think that there are some cases that social media can be very helpful and beneficial if used in the proper fashion. That being said I think that there is still a healthy balance that needs to be kept while using social networks. There has become an increasing population of young children that have become more involved with social media and networks and I have not changes my mind about this topic. There will be plenty of time for kids to learn the ways of the internet and become involved in things like Facebook but they only have a short time to be kids and it shouldn’t be consumed with all the things that social media brings. The rest of us grew up without it and we are all doing just find and have been able to adapt. Especially in today’s world when there is a new trend almost every month, by time kids are old enough to start social networking there might be completely different ways of doing so. In conclusion to what I have posted this week and from what I have read from fellow classmates, we seem to all have a sharing opinion on the matter, that social media has its pros and cons and can be beneficial if used correctly.

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