Summation of “The balance of Copyright Laws and Cultural Commons” (Module 4)

The one thing that I have learned this week from reading other posts and the comments I have received is that I am not alone in my frustration with being a consumer of the media. As much as we try to be producers and create something new we are faced with the challenge of all these laws telling us what we can and cannot do with the resources we find. I mentioned in my last post that the key to restoring this imbalance between the consumer and the producer was respect, but after reading a comment by my fellow student, I now think that the greed for profit is another key component. “When profits stop ruling our motivations we will produce better content. I think that profits should remain in the markets of physical goods and services”. I completely agree with this comment by and think that if producers weren’t so greedy then we wouldn’t be faced with all the copyright problems we have in today’s world. If the producers would just start producing for the purpose of sharing rather than gaining profit for their work than I think things would be a lot different.  It gets me thinking of all the opportunities and great ideas that we could potentially be missing out on because it has become so hard to produce something without the risk of getting in trouble that many go silent and are never heard. My worry is that this imbalance is going to keep getting worse and eventually no one will be allowed to share anything because people will be copyrighting every sentence they speak. I do think that if we all gained a little more respect for people and starting trusting a little more than it would be a start to fixing these problems. This is not something that will change overnight and there is a lot more to it than just respect, and I am sure that there will always be people out there disrespecting and misusing other’s work but we have to start somewhere.


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