Summation of Citizen Journalism

After observing other posts this week, on the topic of citizen journalism, I found that most people think that it is a positive advancement. It is a way for the community to have a voice in current topics and is able to express themselves by re-posting and commenting. I think it is a great opportunity that we are now all given the chance to participate in journalism and it is a way to get involved. Citizen journalism is also a way to bring awareness, a good point that was talked about in where she said through citizen journalism she was able to “increase awareness of the issue and hopefully persuade others to get active politically as well”.

Along with the many positive aspect that citizen journalism offers, I still think that there are some downsides. As expressed in my previous post on the topic, the problem of validity and truth to journalism has been compromised through the mass sharing of news stories and articles. A comment that I received on my blog post by stated “like anything else, you cannot just rely on one source” and I think that is a great point. To be sure that you have the truth, we have to rely on more than just on source and I find that now with citizen journalism there is a large abundance of material that can be found on one single topic.  This can potentially be harder to find common ground between all the sources. Because of this I’d like to argue that citizen journalism makes for easy access to information but it has made it harder and more time consuming to verify that the information is actually correct.

In regards to the temptation of participating more with citizen journalism, I have found that users who were already active in posting and being “producers” of social media are the ones that are participating more. And the users that participated very little in social media are no more tempted than they were before. I think the reasoning for this is because the use of social media is a lifestyle and not something you do because it is becoming easier to use. If it is not something you do not enjoy doing, than regardless of the simplicity of it, it will not change your mind.


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